CELL by TRIGGER KID & THE ENDING MAN (official music video)

„Armed only with drums, bass guitar, effects and vocals, we play our kind of musical ecstasy between punkrock, noiserock and post-grunge with an absolute passion! Playful and intuitively we override genre boundaries with new hot creations! No limitations!“ Trigger Kid & the Ending Man

Listen to debut album ‚KINGS & SLAVES‘ and buy merch at Bandcamp:

Music video produced by MASSENGRAB Records

Thanks to:
Dr. Dr. Robert Bretschneider
Christiane Nevoigt
Katja Michalowski
Axel Matz (SAEK)
Jörg Medingen (Ostpol)
Andi und Mario (Chemiefabrik)
Olli van Altenburg (lights)
Jens Beyer
Armin Riedel und Robert Rutsch (MASSENGRAB Records)